State-of-the-Art Solution for Sound Mapping in the Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamic Testing

Aeroacoustic testing is gaining more and more importance especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. Identifying aerodynamically created sounds and their reduction are the main focus. Beside acoustic optimization, a goal of aeroacoustics is to create a comfortable vibration climate in vehicles.

We offer all-round service for investigating and measuring the aeroacoustics of objects in wind tunnels. Many German and international companies of the automotive and aerospace industries rely on our experience in acoustics and aeroacoustics.

Our software solution NoiseImage provides a wide range of advanced analysis functions such as the Clean-SC algorithm. The wind tunnel module allows application-specific settings like applying a shear-layer correction or including the wind speed. Real-time functionality and optimized measurement cycles guarantee quick results in an environment where time is of utmost importance.

On the hardware end, the Microphone Array EVO AC Pro  can be optimized for individual wind tunnel applications. Arrays of 120 microphones and more are advisable and our highly-skilled team is able to customize arrays as to the user's requirements taking into consideration object size, desired resolution, price, and many more aspects. Our unique array simulator allows to compare different array geometries (size, number of channels, microphone position) quickly and easily so we can ensure that the final design ideally fits the user's needs.

Additionally, automatic 3D acquisition of the measurement object (e.g. for frequently changing clay objects) can be implemented. This will ensure an even higher mapping accuracy on a true to scale 3D model of the object under investigation. This system can be installed directly in the wind tunnel or in a preparation room. A system for auto-fitting of the actual object in the wind tunnel and the 3D model are available as well.

As the entire system is developed in-house, software and hardware can be individually adjusted to customer requirements. The state-of-the-art technology proved itself in many applications and is continuously improved by our development department in cooperation with international leading aeroacousticians and the valuable feedback from our customers.