One of the most important parts of an Acoustic Camera is the microphone array. It determines the spatial distribution of the acoustic microphones and therefore measurement performance of the whole system. In order to achieve the maximum possible performance in any given application, we offer a wide variety of microphone arrays. No matter if the measurement is beamforming, intensity or holography ... we have the right microphone array. For special applications we can design and build custom made microphone arrays according to the requirements of the application.

Microphone Arrays for 2D Measurements

Depending on their size, the Ring arrays provide 32, 48 or 72 microphone channels. This type of array is suitable for various 2D beamforming applications. They can be used for far-field and near-field measurements, indoors and outdoors.

The Star array is the perfect choice for far field measurements using the beamforming method. The Fibonacci array can be used for near field and far field measurements, using the holography or beamforming method. For wind tunnel applications the Evo array is specialized. The handheld soundcam Mikado is a 100 % autonomous system for easy and efficient trouble-shooting of sound and vibration problems.

All arrays are custom made carbon fiber construction to assure light weight and stability. They are therefore easily transportable and ensure a constant microphone position over a long time.

Microphone Arrays for 3D Measurements

For 3D measurements, the microphone array receives signals from all directions. Therefore, these arrays are especially optimized for interior measurements. The beamforming results are mapped on scanned 3D point clouds or 3D CAD models of the measured object. Sphere arrays with 48 or 120 microphone channels are suitable for different scenarios.

Microphone Arrays for Sound Intensity Measurements

The Paddle microphone arrays are the ultimate low frequency measurement tools. As a double-layer channel system, it was developed for near field measurements and low frequencies using the intensity method. These portable Paddle arrays enable real-time acoustic measurements. The measurement of acoustic pressure signals can be conducted while particle velocity/acoustic intensity on the measurement plane is calculated and mapped simultaneously.

Microphone Arrays for Near Field and Holography Measurements

Our handheld soundcam Mikado is optimized for quick sound source localization using either beamforming or near field methods. It guarantees an easy handling for acoustic measurements in the far field and near field. As flexible mobile devices, handheld microphone arrays are a great addition to any Acoustic Camera system. Moreover, the integrated data recorder makes them usable as stand-alone solutions. Handheld arrays are especially suited for troubleshooting because they enable real-time measurements in wide frequency ranges. Required time and effort for measurements are reduced since the lightweight device comes in a practical carrying case, already set up and ready to use.

The Fibonacci microphone array represents a new array family allowing near field and far field measurements with the same hardware, using the holography or beamforming method.