Automated Defect Detection System QAIros Using Acoustic Fingerprint Technology

The detection of defects on a test object is one of the main reasons for the importance of process-integrated quality assurance (QA) in the manufacturing. Zero Defects concept (ZD) in the production is often required in critical industries (e.g. automotive or medical technology). Our quality testing system QAIros offers you an automated classification of test objects with the highest reliability.  

There is a unique acoustic fingerprint for each test object, which depends on its geometry and material properties. Defects of various kinds alter the acoustic fingerprint. Whether it is due to defective materials, deviating shape or incorrect assembly, the acoustic properties of the test object will show significant changes.

Our innovative quality assurance system uses this principle. It records the acoustic response with conventional measuring microphones and uses it to train an AI model. This model can identify the highly complex correlations between test objects with and without damage and, based on this, make a reliable classification for new components.

    AI-Powered Testing System QAIros Redefines Defect Detection Through Acoustic Signatures

    The most important advantages of our quality control system compared to the classical approach:

    • No expert knowledge required
    • The AI model can be easily trained for different components
    • Easy to use software
    • Simple integration into your end-of-line (EOL) test systems or production lines

    Benefits of Automated QA

    • Use of the acoustic resonance method (ART) to classify the test objects
    • 100 % testing
    • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
    • Whole part testing
    • Cycle times less than 1 s for each object can be achieved
    • Simple set-up and automation
    • High reliability with AI approach (up to 100 % conformity)
    • No expert knowledge required

    Quality Control - Fields of Application

    • Automotive industry
    • Household technology
    • Industrial technology
    • Mechanical engineering

    Our Services for You

    • Preliminary study carried out by our experts
    • Configuration and setup of systems hardware and software
    • Comprehensive software at a competitive price with low annual operation costs
    • Individually customised extensions


    • Integration into the existing test systems
    • Fully automatic, reproducible and highly precise excitation with WaveHitMAX