Mechanical vibrations occur throughout nature and in our daily lives. They affect the safety, durability and usability of structures. Vibration analysis and vibration optimization are therefore of high technological importance. There are more and more challenges related to vibrations, which are caused by:

  • Increased efficiency of materials: thinner constructions, reduced rigidity and mass
  • More intense dynamic conditions due to external influences
  • Higher demands on comfort and immission control

Our structural dynamic solutions help you to understand and solve these problems. We provide you with state-of-the-art technology to perform the vibration tests you need.

Structural Dynamics Software WaveImage

The vibration analysis software WaveImage supports you in structural dynamics analysis - without the need for vast technical effort or special expert knowledge. This software suite offers everything you require for mechanical vibration analysis and is based on the knowledge from many years of application, feedback from our customers and our own research / development.

Our Advantages

WaveImage is new to the market. That's good, it brings a breath of fresh air.

Easy Access

The structural dynamics software WaveImage is the tool of choice for getting started with vibration analysis. Even without expert knowledge we make you understand the complex context of vibrations in an easy way.


Build your own customized views. Create your individual reports. The structural dynamics software WaveImage adapts perfectly to your workflow.

Big Data

State-of-the-art vibration measurement systems can easily record huge amounts of data. We offer you the tool to process and analyze this data. Whether it's a high-resolution laser vibrometry measurement, accelerometers or high-speed cameras measurements, WaveImage can do it.

Artificial Intelligence

The structural dynamics software WaveImage uses well-established state-of-the-art algorithms and optimizes them with artificial intelligence. High quality mode extraction has never been easier.

Realistic Visualization

High resolution textured animations on complex geometries from 3D scans or super intuitive photo geometries, the structural dynamics software WaveImage puts its focus on visualizing complex contexts in an easy way.

In addition to a wide range of analysis options for structural dynamics, we also offer the entire measurement technology, including structural excitation with the smart impulse hammer WaveHitMAX as well as structural response recording with the mobile data recorder gt-432. With this data recorder, more than 100 ICP sensors can be connected and recorded synchronized.