We offer a wide range of services in the field of noise and vibration analysis. We advise you from the selection of a suitable measurement approach, through the planning and execution of measurement campaigns, to comprehensive assessments, analyses and technical reports including concrete recommendations for mitigation.

Your Problem Solver in the Field of Sound & Vibration

We specialise in high-channel applications and root-cause analysis. The depth of information which increases with the number of channels, promotes a deep understanding of interrelationships and reduces the risk of systematic errors. The collected data allows us to draw conclusions about the acoustic properties of systems such as sound power, hierarchy and locations of partial sources, transient behaviour etc. or structural dynamic properties such as natural frequencies, damping and mode shapes of mechanical structures. In both cases, 3D models can be used for visualization and will be generated by us as required.

Measurement campaigns are usually carried out at the customer's facility. In individual cases, however, we can also carry out detailed investigations and feasibility studies in our local laboratories.

Powerful Solutions

Thanks to our sound analysis software packages NoiseImage and WaveImage, powerful data recorders and a variety of microphone arrays and vibration measurement technologies, state-of-the-art measurement technology, analysis methods and algorithms are at our experts' disposal.

Customiziation, Research & Development

If new needs and potentials arise during a service or in the course of working with our products, for example in the area of automation or pattern recognition, we are able to take this into account in the ongoing development within GFaI or collaborate on long-term development projects.

Your Advantages

  • Many years of expertise in the field of sound source localisation and problem solving
  • Research focus on signal processing, structural dynamics, pattern recognition and 3D under the umbrella of the parent company
  • State of the art measurement technology
  • High channel counts >100 channels to tackle complex tasks
  • Meaningful reports thanks to visualisation of striking results in 2D, 3D and audio/video
  • Direct interface to R&D in the hardware and software sector
  • Complete development chain in house
  • 100 % owned by the research society