With the new software NoiseImage Conclusions, we are expanding our proven, modular software NoiseImage with another tool for the clear and easy presentation and processing of data.

NoiseImage Conclusions is a tool to quickly and easily compare and report a multitude of variant measurements.

NoiseImage Conclusions

NoiseImage Conclusions is a particularly structured comparison tool for analyses of several similar measurement setups.

It provides:

  • Easy visual evaluation of analyses created with the NoiseImage modules Spectral Photo 2D and Wind Tunnel 2D
  • The possibility to create customized reports
  • Easy handling and user-friendly navigation.

The spectral photos generated by NoiseImage are loaded into NoisImage Conclusions and can thus be compared with each other. For this purpose, different frequencies, dynamics and object cut-outs can be set. The spatially integrated spectra are automatically calculated and clearly displayed for the selected object section.

Compare different objects by:

  • Displaying the same object section at different frequencies
  • Showing different analyses at different frequencies
  • Laying out different details or equipment variants of the same object side by side