You face a measurement task in NVH? No matter whether you have an acute problem in your technical system, a product development or whether you are planning a new test stand. Our experts will work with you to determine your requirements. If our range of measurement technology and software solutions does not yet cover your application, we are able to develop highly specific solutions for you. This includes hardware and software solutions. Our experienced specialists also support you with customised measurement concepts and services and advise you strategically with concrete mitigation strategies.

We support you.

We want to enable you to use the full potential of our solutions. To do this, you can, for example, book on-site training for your staff. We encourage you to stay in touch with us to discuss your applications and benefit from our experience and expertise.

Consulting Engineering Services

Technology and expertise hand in hand. No matter if you want to solve acute sound and vibration problems to prevent plant failures or restrictions of the operating license or if you are planning a test bench that is to be equipped with state of the art measurement technology.

Our team combines experts in acoustics and structural dynamics in the areas of hardware and software development, algorithms, root cause analysis, beamforming & modal analysis, immission control and machine dynamics. 

We would be happy to discuss your application in a personal consultation.

Customized Software Solutions

The more a measurement configuration is used, or the more expensive the operating times of test facilities are, the higher the potential savings through more efficient/automated assessments. These potentials often only fully reveal themselves as the day-to-day workflows mature.

Software adaptations are often commissioned as part of large-scale projects in industry.

Customized Hardware Solutions

With our products, we offer sophisticated solutions for different measurement and frequency ranges. If you have special requirements, e. g. in a test bench, an aeroacoustic wind tunnel or due to exotic applications such as extremely high sound pressures, which are not covered by our product portfolio, we offer to customize a measurement system according to our clients' requirements.

Rental of Equipment

You employ test engineers, but you lack the suitable measurement technology for sound source localization? You want to test our measurement technology in detail on your possible application before buying? Ask your contact person about our rental conditions.

Calibration & Maintanance

We invest heavily to ensure that the integrity of the measurement data and analysis results acquired with our systems meet the highest standards. In order to ensure this quality standard in the long term, we recommend that the measurement technology is regularly calibrated in our test laboratories. Should there ever be any damage to our measurement technology, we can in many cases quickly diagnose problems and replace defective parts.

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