Our sound analysis software NoiseImage is a general-purpose platform software providing all tools required for the whole measurement and analysis process. You can use the core package on its own or expand its functionality with any combination of add-on modules for different acoustic measurement types or analysis methods. The add-on modules connect seamlessly via one integrated software environment. You can combine as many expansion modules as you need.

Function for Data Acquisition and Analysis

Whether the beamforming, holography or intensity method is used - our acoustic analysis software NoiseImage provides all required functions for data acquisition and analysis! From quick checks in real-time on site to combining complex analyses at the workplace - NoiseImage always runs stable and reliable. The appealing graphical user interface allows intuitive handling, delivering fast results.

Tools for Different Applications

Our sound analysis software NoiseImage is a powerful tool for acoustic measurements in fields like the automotive industries, wind energy, environment, transport, aerospace, consumer products, room and building acoustics and mechanical engineering. For the continuous development of the software, we draw upon over 20 years of development time and user experience.

Many Features

Pooled with R&D staff of more than 25 specialists, the spectrum of NoiseImage is constantly extended by new features, functions and modules.

  • Acquisition and sound analysis of digital and analog signals
  • Live preview and real-time analysis capabilities
  • Time-, frequency-, rotational speed-, or location-selective analysis methods
  • Numerous advanced post processing algorithms

Plug-in Concept

Our acoustic analysis software is based on a plug-in concept: Extending the basic module, every functional plug-in brings along its own graphical interface and its own tools. You can decide which functions you really need and can thus arrange a tailor-made software system.

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