Besides providing customized solutions for test benches several production processes have been optimized or equipped with sensors for in-line or end-of-line testing to assure highest quality.

Acoustic Resonance Testing

In the field of end of line testing we offer Acoustic Resonance Testing (ART), which requires a mechanical pulse as excitation e.g. with the automatic Impact Hammer WaveHitMAX.

In ART resonance frequencies are evaluated as the test object vibrates. The resonances are an acoustic fingerprint of the vibrating structure. They depend on the material, geometry and aging condition of the structure. If these structural properties change, e.g. due to aging or damage, deviations occur in the fingerprint describing these properties. Therefore, resonance analysis can be used to detect faulty of damaged workpieces – fully automatic, reproducible, independent of the fault position fast and inexpensive.

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WaveHitMAX - The Smart Tool for Acoustic Serial Testing

The video shows you an application for the WaveHitMAX, which allows you to automate your end of line test. A reproducible automated excitation of specimens with adjustable forces and repetitions. Trigger hits via software, manually or TTL signal.