gfai tech offers software adaption and customized solutions for your projects, products or production lines.

Together with GFaI e.V., we successfully supplied customized solutions in test benches for sound source localization, 3D data acquisition, 3D deformation analysis, Frontal Area Measurement (FAM) and combined solutions for 3D data and sound analysis.

Customized Solutions for Test Benches

For test benches with a high channel count, several data recorders have to be combined. The NoiseImage Controller is an adapted software module to guarantee an easy work-flow for the customer. All data recorders are accessed with one click and the generated data is merged to one file automatically.

Frontal Area Measurement (FAM) Solution

Precise frontal area information is an important value in the design of cars to get the correct drag coefficient which describes the aerodynamic performance of the car. gfai tech and GFaI developed a new 3D approach to get that value including a precise 3D model of the vehicle under test.

This system has been implemented at CAERI (China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.) in Chongqing

2021 - A sub-array beamforming approach to simulated pass-by measurements - 
DAGA - Alexander Jahnke, Volker Becker, Christof Puhle

Have a look at our publications for download.

Customized Solutions for Production Lines

gfai tech offers customized hardware and software solutions for quality assurance in production processes. We supply pattern recognition software in combination with our own or external hardware for in-line or end-of-line testing. More information on Acoustic Resonance Testing can be found below. As these solutions vary with each use case, please contact us about your own setup and we will be happy to support you.