How to check the Lenovo Notebook, e.g. W530 for the correct configuration of the graphics card?

The Lenovo W530 is equipped with an energy-saving graphics chip and a high-performance graphics card. During operation, the software “NVIDIA Optimus” controls the usage of the available graphics hardware. NoiseImage is a computationally intensive application which relies exclusively on high-performance graphics hardware.

Disablement of the energy-saving graphics chip and “NVIDIA Optimus” within the BIOS:

1. Turn on Lenovo W530, press “Enter” while booting (see Figure 1) and select the BIOS setup in the following menu by pressing “F1”.

2. Navigate to “Config” by pressing the right arrow key, select the option “Display” with the down arrow key and confirm with “Enter”.

3. Select “Graphics Device“ (see Figure 2), press “Enter”, select “Discrete Graphics” in the following dialogue and confirm with “Enter".

4. Set “OS Detection for NVIDIA Optimus” on “Disabled” (see Figure 3) and confirm the dialogue with “Enter”.

Finally, the changes must be saved: Press the key “F10” and confirm the following dialogue with “Y”. Now, the notebook will boot with the correct configuration for NoiseImage.

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