What are the requirements off-grid power supplies have to meet in order to power an Acoustic Camera?

When operating the data recorder with power supplied either by a generator or a battery-backed inverter, carefully consider the waveform of the voltage supplied.

It is essential that the voltage provided is a “clean sinusoidal voltage”. Devices that deliver only a sinus-like output signal and particularly such with a square or trapezoidal output waveform are not suitable and can cause damage to the data recorder.

Furthermore, the acoustic noise radiated by the power supply device should be as low as possible.

The required output power can be determined by summing up the power consumption of the individual components (see list).

The camera has to be taken into account only when it is powered by the data recorder. Therefore, USB cameras can be neglected in the calculation. The power consumption of the remote controller RC110 is negligibly low (< 0.5 watts).

Application Example

Consider an AC Pro System with data recorder, 2x ADC114MLN, 48-channel array with the Baumer camera TXG08c powered by the array. NoiseImage runs on a laptop which is powered by its rechargeable battery. This setup results in the following calculation:

74 W + 2x11 W + 2x3 W + 5 W = 107 W

According to this calculation the inverter must supply a continuous output power of at least 107 W. In order to estimate the battery service life, the level of efficiency of the inverter has to be considered. Let the level of efficiency be 88 %, then a battery with 94 Wh (94 Wh x 0.88 = 83 Wh) can supply 83 Wh and has a battery service life of about 47 min (83 Wh / 107 W = 0.76 h = 47 min). Setting the system to standby mode increases the battery life.

The list on the right side shows the typical power consumption of a mcdRec's components during measurement.

Component (1 Pcs.)Typical Power Consumption
Data Recorder without any Boards74 Watt
ADC101A10B Board8 Watt
ADC102A10B Board11 Watt
ADC102MLN Board18 Watt
ADC112MLN Board10 Watt
ADC114MLN Board11 Watt
DDC100RC Board8 Watt
DDC200RC Board8 Watt
ICDC100 Board8 Watt
ICDC101 Board8 Watt
CPCI-CAN/200 Board1 Watt
Array Microphone3 Watt
Baumer Camera TXG06c4 Watt
Baumer Camera TXG08c5 Watt
Baumer Camera TXG13c5 Watt
Baumer Camera VLG-22c5 Watt
ADCA100 Adapter6 Watt

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