Powerful but scalable - our comprehensive software suite NoiseImage consists of various modules for your acoustic analysis needs. Each module covers an important field of features for your acoustic analysis. Only the basic module is required for operation of the Acoustic Camera. Further modules can be added to create a tailor-made software solution for your individual acoustic analysis requirements. The user interface has been designed especially for easy and fast analysis workflows. New users can intuitively create conclusive results with only a few mouse clicks, while at the same time experienced experts find all the features required for specialized and sophisticated acoustic analyses. In short NoiseImage is the ideal solution for acoustic analysis that always fits your needs.

Basic Modul

With the Basic module you can create spectrums and spectrograms from recorded data. You can analyse time data and apply different filters. Extending the basis module, different modules for additional functionality are available for your application. The software is available in English, German and Chinese.

  • Channel view and level view
  • Spectrum and spectrogram
  • GPU Computing
  • A-, B-, C-weighting
  • Butterworth filter bank
  • Comb and notch filters
  • MATLAB export incl. sample scripts
  • Merging channel files
  • Channel file playback
  • Channel data can be exported as .wav, .atfx, .uff, .dat, .hdf, .txt and several image formats

Project Manager

This plug-in organizes batch runs for analyses and exports as well as scheduling measurement series to be calculated at a given (later) time. If you have a lot of measurement objects that need to be measured and analyzed the Project Manager offers the most efficient way to organize and schedule your recordings and calculations.

This module is especially effective in case of complex calculations like Acoustic Photo 3D, Order Analysis or when applying advanced algorithms like HDR or CLEAN SC.

  • Batch runs of calculations
  • Batch runs of measurements
  • Batch runs of exports
  • PowerPoint Export
  • Analysis of long measurement times
  • Beamforming 3D with complex 3D models
  • Order Analysis
  • Advanced Algorithms like correlation analysis, applying several additional algorithms or long integration times

Recorder Interface

The Recorder Interface helps you to easily set your measurements with the Acoustic Camera. It provides a graphic configurator for recorder and sensor settings to enable the synchronous recording of all sensors you connected to the data recorder. Furthermore you have various options to set triggers related to time, level or digital signals.

  • Recording analog and digital data in parallel
  • Live preview
  • Various trigger settings
  • External triggers
  • Multi-array measurements
  • Hardware configuration


For using third party data while analyzing the recorded data in NoiseImage, channel data can be imported from .atfx files as well as UFF58 files.The Import/Export module allows you to import third party data to analyze with the advanced features and possibilities with NoiseImage. Furthermore it offer various possibilities to export your recorded or analyzed data to several file formats.

  • Import: UFF58, *.atfx
  • Export: Wave (*.wav), Matlab, Head Acoustic (*.hdf), Universal File Format (UFF58, .uff), image and video formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp), text (.txt)


For the relation of beamforming results to the changing parameters of the measurement object you can connect your CAN bus data to NoiseImage. This way a classic beamforming analysis can be expanded to include information provided by CAN Bus

  • Connection of CAN bus data to NoiseImage

Integration of CAN Bus data in your Acoustic Camera tests on the road or on the test bench to get information about changing parameters like the engine temperature, driving speed, battery current, gear or lateral acceleration.

C++/ MATLAB Calculation Interface

This plug-in features a C++ developer interface to implement user programmed calculation DLLs, allowing you to introduce your own algorithms. That way you can test or verify algorithms while using the sophisticated hard ware and software GUI from gfai tech.

  • Integrate Windows-compatible DLLs (MATLAB, C++…)
  • MATLAB library – MATLAB-Time-Domain and MATLAB-Frequency-Domain beamforming incl. MATLAB sources