Use your mcdRec as a general data recorder utilizing your standard sensors with the 24 channel adapter ADCA100.

The ADCA100 is an aluminum adapter box that has been developed for connecting the symmetrical ADC1xxMLN analog measurement cards to as many as 24 single-ended voltage output sensors or the common 2 - 20 mA current supplied sensors better known by their registered trademarks ICP®, DeltaTron®, Isotron® and Piezotron®.

Adapter Box ADCA100

The adapter box holds 24 (two rows of 12) BNC connectors and has four switches on the backside, each switching 6 of the 24 AC inputs between ± 10 V and 2 V to 22 V input-voltage with 3 mA sensor supply.

Configuration and results of the factory-calibration can be stored in a non-volatile memory and can be used for compensation while measuring. Disturbance tolerant transmission from the MDR68 connector to the analog measurement card is achieved when using the symmetrical mccabAR1xx cable.

Aluminum box can be placed underneath the data recorder.

  • Multi channel analog interface SyMBus24 to AD Card
  • Disturbance tolerant symmetrical transmission
  • MDR68 front connector for reliable repetitive plugging

24 standard BNC front connectors  

4x switchable 6x 3mA center contact current supply

  • Non-volatile calibration and configuration memory
  • Onboard voltage monitoring
  • Green activity LED
  • Low power consumption (5W typically)

± 10 V input-voltage range (current sources off)
2 V to 22 V current sources on 
10 kΩ input resistance
2 Hz to 80 kHz frequency response (with ADC100MLN card)