With NoiseImage 4.15.1: Time to retire the Baumer Packet Filter Driver (BPFD)?

Starting with NoiseImage 4.15.1, the use of the BPFD is discouraged.

When upgrading to NoiseImage 4.15.1 or beyond make sure to uninstall the BPFD from all network adapters of your computer, especially from the network adapter acting as interface to the corporate IT network.

Why so?

After extensive testing, GFaI has come to the conclusion that the problems associated with the BPFD such as

  • Interference with standard network operations on network cards not connected to a Baumer camera (corporate IT networks)
  • Incompatibility with some USB-GigE adapters

outweigh the minor performance enhancements achieved when using the driver.

Baumer recommends to use the BPFD only on network cards associated with their cameras.

How to uninstall the BPFD?

To uninstall the BPFD, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start  in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the link Network & Internet. The screen as shown in Fig. 1 opens.
  4. Click the link Change adapter options. The screen as displayed in the background of Fig. 2 opens.
  5. Check all network adapters for the BPFD. The setting shown above the Kameras network adapter is most likely to have the Baumer packet filter driver installed.
  6. Open the network adapter’s properties page (foreground of Fig. 2) with a right mouse click. It shows the active BPFDs.
  7. Select Baumer Packet Filter Driver and click Uninstall. A safety request (Fig. 3) will pop up.
  8. Click Yes.

The driver will be removed from all network adapters of the system.

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