Impact hammer WaveHitMAX: the high-precision tool for quality assurance with new features

Our innovative WaveHitMAX is the first intelligent impulse hammer that has already convinced many users in the field of structural dynamics applications. A fully automatic, reproducible and high-precision single-hit excitation is guaranteed by the internal signal processing. Tedious manual adjustments are a thing of the past.

A major strength of the impulse hammer is the precise and reproducible excitation of test objects and workpieces, allowing you to optimize your production processes and also act sustainably and save follow-up costs with regard to quality testing. The new WaveHitMAX MK2 model retains all the proven functions of the WaveHitMAX MK1 and offers even more!

With the new model, the type of signal output can be selected. In addition to the existing internal signal processing and analysis, it is possible to select the direct output of the force sensors at the signal output. This function has many advantages, such as a lower noise level of the measurement signal. In addition, further analyses of the signal can be transferred to an external data recorder and recorded, e.g. for FRF calculations, experimental modal analysis or coherence calculations. Furthermore, new possibilities for external calibration of the hammer are offered (DAkkS calibration, ILAC).

With two completely new operating modes, the impulse hammer also offers new possibilities for resonance testing. Micro-impact mode is ideal for exciting structures with the lowest possible energy. In manual mode, experts can select any valid instrumentation and thus enable completely individual test processes.

In the field of end-of-line testing, the impulse hammer WaveHitMAX is irreplaceable as a tool for acoustic resonance testing. You can rely on the WaveHitMAX to always deliver accurate results, as the high-precision excitation ensures that double hits are avoided. Damage-free localization of defects is fast and cost-effective thanks to resonance testing, taking quality testing to a new level.

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