gfai tech´s brand-new image brochure "Noise & Vibration"

In a world where noise and vibration are a constant part of our daily lives, our new image brochure “Noise & Vibration” showcases solutions for extremely fast troubleshooting in the fields of acoustics, structural dynamics and beyond. From the automotive industry to aerospace, from the manufacture of household products to the construction of bridges - our technologies offer solutions for a wide range of acoustic and vibration challenges. Our brochure uses practical examples to show how our hardware and software makes a significant contribution to noise reduction, sound design, fault detection and quality assurance in various industries and sectors.

“With this brochure, we want to inspire and open new doors to where our technology can lead,” says Philip Höhna, CEO of gfai tech. “We are happy to help with everyday and unique needs and projects by putting our Acoustic Camera, vibration analysis software WaveCam and co into action.”

Our 24-page brochure offers interesting insights and statistics on our hardware and software tools. On these pages, we retrace our beginnings and highlight milestones such as the development of the world's first Acoustic Camera or old snapshots of the Otto von Guericke Award ceremony. The brochure is completed by QR codes that provide access to additional videos and images and expand the range of applications.

A separate chapter is dedicated to each product category. These offer a deep insight into the localization of sound sources with the Acoustic Camera or into vibration testing with our devices for structural dynamics such as our vibration analysis software WaveCam or the world's first intelligent impulse hammer WaveHitMAX. Our latest AI-powered system software QAIros opens up new possibilities in production to improve quality control processes and end-of-line inspection.

You can download the brochure in PDF format free of charge.

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