The new modular data recorder compactly offers you a wide range of functions. Due to the small design and the use of rechargeable batteries, you can measure almost anywhere.

The gt⁠-⁠432 series is designed for recording with the Acoustic Camera as well as for measurements with up to 100 accelerometers.

Measurements can be triggered quickly and easily via the integrated touch display, while the connected PC can be located at another place.

The Modular Data Recorder gt-432 series

The new gt-432 offers you a wide range of options for measuring your sound and vibration signals.

Connect up to 112 channels to gt-432 and record signals with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz.

Thanks to the modular design, you can adapt the data recorder exactly to your requirements. The entry-level models gt-210 and gt-201 have 24 channels for connecting a microphone array or 24 IEPE sensors.

Fully equipped, the gt-432 offers you a total of 112 channels: 96 microphone or IEPE channels, 12 digital inputs and 4 optically decoupled analog inputs (voltage-supplied or current-supplied).

The integrated display shows you the most important parameters of the data recorder.

Run it mobile with two Bosch battery packs or use the power supply.

Parallel operation of multiple arrays is implemented as well as the possibility of parallel operation of several data recorders of the gt-432 series.

Dimensions270 x 200 x 193 mm without batteries (W x L x H)
Weight4060 g
Microphone channelsup to 96 time-synchronized, analog
channels (4 cards with 24 channels each)
IEPE channelsup to 100 time-synchronized, analog

Sampling rate

24 to 192 kHz (32 bit)


1 Gbit Ethernet PC interface streaming

Ingress protection codeIP20
Cable length to array
Cable length to notebook
Up to 20 m (on request: 50 m)
50 m for 1 GB Ethernet
Power supply100 to 240 V
Operating environment0 °C - 45 °C, up to 80 % RH
Measurement cards available 
DMCADC45024 differential analog inputs
DMCAIC40124 analog inputs for IEPE sensors
DMCAI4014 isolated analog inputs
DMCDDC40112 digital channels
CAN busSupport of CAN bus data in NoiseImage


  • Modular
  • Small
  • Light
  • Battery operation or mains operation
  • Integrated touch-display
  • Designed for use with Acoustic Camera and vibration sensors