Girls' Day: Fascinating Insights into the World of Sound Technology

On April 25th, 14 young female students aged between 10 and 14 had the opportunity to explore the world of acoustic technology. As part of the nationwide Girls' Future Day, the Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science (GFaI e.V.) together with gfai tech opened their doors for a day to provide the participants with an inspiring insight into the world of science and technology.

A particularly special highlight was the presentation of the Acoustic Camera Octagon, originating from the field of "signal processing." The participants were encouraged to explore the functionality of our Acoustic Camera by experimenting with different sounds: from soft tones like those of a xylophone to loud noises like a cymbal crash. They were able to precisely study the differences between the various frequencies on the acoustic live video recordings.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to test the sensitivity of miniaturized microphones, also known as MEMS microphones. They also delved into the question of how sound reflections occur on surfaces and experimented with these phenomena using a whiteboard.

Through an acoustic video recording, the potential young researchers were also able to learn about a real-life application example. It demonstrated how coin counting machines produce noises during operation, particularly through the insertion and automatic sorting of coins.

We sincerely thank all the participants for their curiosity and enthusiasm and look forward to Girls' Day next year on April 3rd, 2025.


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