Light into the dark: Octagon reveals hidden sources of noise from machines

Precise, fast and versatile: Acoustic Camera Octagon offers innovative acoustic measurement of noise sources in industrial operations.

In the modern industrial landscape, machines and equipment are at the heart of every production environment. Our all-in-one Acoustic Camera Octagon is an indispensable tool for pinpointing defects by visualizing sound sources. The analysis can be carried out seamlessly during continuous operation without the need to interrupt the machines.

Our Octagon sound camera uses impressive technology: it combines 192 tiny, highly sensitive microphones with advanced algorithms to precisely record a wide frequency spectrum from 30 hertz to 24 kilohertz. In just five minutes, Octagon is able to create a comprehensive visual image or video of noise sources.

Key noise sources and potential problems such as loose parts, poorly lubricated bearings or inadequately insulated components can be quickly identified, even in the noisiest environments. Even in complex installations with many moving parts and electronic components that are often difficult to monitor, Octagon proves to be a reliable tool for accurately detecting abnormal noise.

With its carbon-fiber construction, the Octagon offers not only stability but also lightness. This flexibility is particularly useful when it comes to quickly accessing different areas of the production environment and taking acoustic measurements.

Early detection of noise problems offers companies the opportunity to avoid costly downtime and repairs. In addition, Octagon specifically contributes to the reduction of noise emissions, which ensures the protection of employees from hearing damage.

With the Acoustic Camera Octagon, companies not only gain a new perspective on their noise landscape, but also valuable support in optimizing their maintenance and quality assurance. To find out more about Octagon and the application possibilities of the All-in-one Acoustic Camera, interested parties can visit our gfai tech stand 1-417 at the world's leading forum for sensors, measurement and testing technology "Sensor & Test" in June. Further solutions for structural dynamic vibration analysis and vibration optimization in industrial applications can be found here.

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