„Keep it down“ with our Acoustic Camera

Today's "International Noise Awareness Day" starts under the motto "Keep it down". On this day of action, gfai tech is drawing attention to its precise measurement analysis tool, which allows the source of noise to be exactly localized within a few minutes.

Whether rattling rails, clattering pre-silencers or rushing fan noises at work - noise is a constant companion in everyday life and can have negative effects on physical and mental health if exposed to it continuously. To mark the " International Noise Awareness Day" action day on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, gfai tech is drawing attention to its Acoustic Camera. Consisting of several microphones, the innovative measurement system with an integrated camera focuses on exactly where the noise is generated.

Noise protection and noise reduction measures are becoming increasingly important in today's world. The exact localization of the noise source is often a time-consuming, lengthy and, above all, cost-intensive process. The Acoustic Camera enables the localization of sound sources within a few minutes and is suitable for laymen due to its easy handling. The principle: Several microphones record the sound field of the object to be measured. An integrated optical camera records the corresponding photos or videos. Using the NoiseImage software, acoustic maps are calculated from the data and overlaid with optical images. The locations of sound generation are color-coded and can thus be determined with millimeter precision. Accordingly, effective countermeasures can be introduced to help reduce noise.

Acoustic Cameras are often used in the product development process to make coolers or gearboxes virtually noiseless or to adjust the sound design. In the automotive industry, they reveal unwanted sources of noise while driving, and in rail and road traffic, sources of friction. In industrial and commercial plants, they are used to comply with immission control limits.

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