gfai tech at Automotive Testing 2023

At the leading international expo for automotive testing, gfai tech will showcase her innovative Acoustic Cameras and video vibration analysis software WaveCam. Both tools contribute to deliver superior vehicles that meet the highest standards of performance, acoustic comfort, and safety.

The closing of a door, the sound of the air conditioning or the roar of the engine - nothing is left to chance in the automotive industry. As a prominent player in the field, we will be showcasing our innovative solutions for acoustics and structural dynamics during the Automotive Testing Expo taking place from June 13th to 15th 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany. The event will bring together industry professionals, researchers, and innovators in the automotive sector to explore the latest advancements in testing and measurement technologies.

“Our Acoustic Cameras such as the Octagon or Mikado have the potential to revolutionize noise analysis in the automotive industry”, said Benjamin Vonrhein, manager of gfai tech. “They enable engineers and automotive manufacturers to quickly identify and mitigate excessive noise, vibrations, or unwanted resonances. Sound performances of the vehicle can be optimized, ultimately delivering a superior acoustic experience for drivers and passengers." Both Acoustic Cameras enable real-time visualization and analysis of various sound sources providing a three-dimensional acoustic map of the car interior or motor compartment.

Furthermore, the expo visitors have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of our vibration analysis solution WaveCam. WaveCam's combination of high-speed imaging and vibration analysis provides a comprehensive and synchronized investigation of car engines or parts. By amplifying subtle vibrations that are typically invisible to the human eye, WaveCam helps identify potential faults or anomalies. The high-resolution vibration measurements are based only on video camera data eliminating the need of additional sensors and minimizing equipment costs.

Attendees can dive deeper into the principles and advancements of the Acoustic Camera technology as well as our vibration analysis software with our experts at our booth 1144, in hall 10. Interested parties can claim a free ticket by visiting the following website.

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