Noise and disruptive vibrations in machines and systems have long been a challenge for manufacturers and users alike. Complying with noise and vibration regulations while avoiding downtime and excessive abrasion is crucial for compliance and operational efficiency.

With the innovative all-in-one soundcam Octagon and the video vibration analysis software WaveCam, gfai tech offers two innovative solutions for extremely fast troubleshooting of acoustic or vibration problems. This saves costs and time-consuming restructuring measures.

Octagon and WaveCam localize hidden noise sources on a milling machine

In this video, you will learn how to quickly and easily locate sound sources with the sound camera Octagon and analyze the data with the NoiseImage software. 
Discover how you can quickly detect, visualize and evaluate sources of error with the WaveCam video vibration analysis software.

Octagon and WaveCam reveal hidden sources of noise from machines

In the modern industrial landscape, machines and equipment are at the heart of every production environment. Our all-in-one Acoustic Camera Octagon is an indispensable tool for pinpointing defects by visualizing sound sources. Mit WaveCam erhalten sie einen Einblick in das Schwingungsverhalten. The analyses can be carried out seamlessly during continuous operation without the need to interrupt the machines.

These innovative tools can be set up quickly and without extensive preparation of the object and provide a detailed insight into disruptive sound sources or vibrations within just 5 minutes.

WaveCam enables comprehensive analysis across time, frequency and order ranges by magnifying motions and visualizing vibrations, thus promoting a deeper understanding of machines and structures.

New functions such as the import of reference sensor data, batch processing and improved user guidance optimize workflows and save time and costs. Another advantage is the new phase display of the vibration, which reliably shows the direction of the movement.

The Octagon all-in-one sound camera enables high-resolution localization of sound sources. This compact Acoustic Camera integrates a powerful data recorder, a microphone array and the innovative software NoiseImage. By integrating external analog or digital sensors that are connected to the machine, Octagon offers unparalleled insight into the operating conditions under which the disturbing acoustic noises occur.

The analysis software NoiseImage is a user-friendly and intuitive tool for evaluation. With easy-to-activate filters in the time and frequency range, measures can be checked in advance, saving both time and money. This process allows the user to act as if they had already implemented the measures.

In the frequency domain, Octagon enables a targeted search for the main sources of noise, while in the time domain, even very short-term, transient noise is detected, providing comprehensive insights for effective maintenance and quality assurance on machines and systems.

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