Operating Deflection Shape with Software WaveImage

This module is used to analyze the vibrational behavior of a structure under the influence of its operating conditions. These can be internally generated forces, imbalances or external loads. The vibrational behavior can be analyzed and visualized for a fixed point in time (time domain), a fixed frequency (frequency domain) or a fixed order (order domain). This allows problems related to the operating conditions to be identified.


In which areas of vibration testing is this module useful?

  • Troubleshooting
  • Vibration testing

What's Included?

This module includes Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis in:

  • Time domain
  • Frequency domain
  • Order domain


How do you benefit from this module?

  • Different views for animation: 3D geometry, 3D geometry + photo, only photo
  • Interpolation to improve animation
  • Different views available: spectrogram, sensor data and multiple channels at one time