Order Analysis with WaveImage

This module can be used for the analysis of structures containing rotating parts with constant or variable number of revolutions (e. g. motors, pumps). It provides powerful techniques to identify harmonic vibrations, which cannot be detected through classic modal analysis. Here, velocity changes (e.g. motors, pumps) prevent the clear identification of the resonance frequencies. Leakage problems can be avoided with order tracking, which supplies more precise data with higher speed run-up and coast down testing. Order filtering is an effective technique for bench testing.


  • Frequency spectrum
  • Cursor function: Cut for order, frequency or RPM
  • Order and frequency Waterfall Diagram
  • Order and frequency average spectrum
  • Algorithm for order tracking (Vold Kalman Filter)
  • Filtering significant orders to prevent end-of-order peaks in Modal Analysis
  • Used in combination with the WaveImage Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) for Order Based Modal Analysis (OBMA)

RPM Track

  • RPM Track to calculate RPM from vibration data or ttl data
  • Interpolate RPM data

Order Tracking

In the average spectrum, the user can see all available orders as peaks in the plot. These are the orders that can be used for order tracking. Peaks can be selected manually and the filtered waveform is calculated automatically.


  • Order- and frequency Waterfall Diagram
  • Order and frequency average spectrum
  • Order and frequency spectrogram (Campbell Diagram)