Software WaveImage for Rotating Machinery

Synchronize rotating machinery data with a corresponding RPM signal to understand the RPM-dependant behaviour of your measurement object. The package includes order analysis for the optimization of rotating structures. Create your structure's geometry with just a few clicks to animate the structure's vibration behaviour. This offers the very unique possibility of an order Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis!

Software Components

The following software components are included in the package:


In which areas of vibration testing is this package useful?

  • Rotating structures or machines with rotating elements like engines, pumps, gearboxes and turbines
  • Revolution measurements with run up or coast-down tests
  • Troubleshooting

What's Included?

What does WaveImage Rotating Machinery contain?

  • Variety of views for the analysis of (speed dependent) frequencies and harmonic oscillations
  • Intuitive selection of relevant orders and speed ranges
  • Extraction and filtering of single orders of interest
  • Reconstruction of the RPM signal from the vibration measurement data (RPM Tracking)


How do you benefit from WaveImage Rotating Machinery?

  • Analysis, extraction and identification of overlapping rotational excitations
  • Order Analysis even without measured speed signal
  • Determination of the impact of different rotating components of a machine
  • Innovative geometry creation of 2D and 3D geometries, geometry from photo and 3D-scans to visualize vibration patterns