Modal Analysis with WaveImage

Modal analysis is used to determine vibration characteristics (eigenfrequencies, mode shapes and damping) of mechanical structures or components. WaveImage Modal Analysis software offers a complete package for analysing your vibration data (time or frequency data) to determine a unique description of the dynamic behaviour of your structure. This powerful tool supports you in your development process and prototyping to identify operationally critical or unfavourable resonance frequencies of the structure.

Software Modules

Following software modules for modal analysis are available:


  • Undefined excitation: Structural excitation by external influences such as wind, water, traffic, pedestrians, etc.
  • Experimental excitation: Targeted excitation using one or multiple shaker, manual impact hammer or automatic impact hammer.

What's Included?

  • Measurement of vibrations generated by ambient excitations (OMA)
  • Measurement of vibrations generated by experimental excitations (EMA)
  • Simulation of structural behaviour (FEA)
  • Model Updating for digital twin creation


  • All kind of structure excitation are supported
  • Innovative geometry creation of 2D and 3D geometries, geometry from photo and 3D-scans to visualize modeshapes
  • Novel possibilities of visualization
  • Latest vibration analysis algorithms
  • Combination of simulation and data-based analysis

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