ArAc-Multibook of Architectural Acoustics

European Commission - Lifelong Learning Programme


gfai tech has joined forces with four partners from Poland (KFB Polska & Wroclaw University of Technology) and Belgium (Kahle Acoustics & The Laboratory for Acoustics and Thermal Physics/ Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) to create an acoustics manual for architects in the form of an application for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones both for iOS and Android) and e-learning platforms.

The main purpose of the multibook (an interactive publication) is to fill the gap in technical literature innovatively and to increase architect's awareness of the role acoustical comfort plays in the lifes of human beings. The ArAc-Multibook is the first such acoustics manual for architects. The user will have mobile access to information anytime, anywhere.

Professional books on architectural acoustics are aimed chiefly at readers with mathematical or technical background, usually graduates of electronics or physics faculties. Such studies have only a limited usefulness to architects, who intend not to study architectural acoustics as a separate area of knowledge, but to search for an inspiration regarding acoustically correct architectural solutions. The materials included in the multibook are to help architects in correct and unassisted solving of common and unsophisticated noise protection and interior acoustics problems. This type of knowledge is most useful in conceptual design works related to architectural acoustics, as well as in mutual understanding of different priorities that architects and acoustician working together may have.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme.
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