How to set Jumbo Frames for Baumer Gigabit Ethernet cameras?

As stated in the NoiseImage system requirements, when using a Baumer Gigabit Ethernet camera, the network adapter must be able to handle 9000 bytes Jumbo Frames.

Jumbo Frames lead to a faster bulk transmission of data. When Jumbo Frames are used, the protocol overhead is minimised and fewer checksums are calculated. All devices in the network handling Baumer camera data are required to support Jumbo Frames.

Baumer supplies a number of network adapters for their Gigabit Ethernet cameras. We strongly recommend that you use only those mentioned in this list:

You can check and/or change the Jumbo Frame setting of the network adapter by the following steps (shown for Windows 10 Pro 21H1):

  1. Right-click the Start button and select Network Connections (see Fig.1).
  2. In the Settings windows, click Change adapter options (see Fig 2).
  3. In the Conrol Panel window, click on the network adapter that connects the computer to the data recorder hosting the Baumer camera (see Fig 3).
  4. In the Status window, click Properties (see Fig 4).
  5. In the Properties windows, click Configure (see Fig 5)
  6. Select Jumbo Frames or Jumbo Packet (see Fig.6) or similarly named properties on the Advanced tab. We recommend  to set a value of about 9000 Bytes.
    Any other value might compromise the operation of the Baumer camera.
  7. Finally, confirm the dialogue by clicking OK.

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